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Kerax 4105 Blended Container Wax

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Kerax Blended Container Wax is a rapeseed and paraffin blend designed specifically for use in glass and container candles. Manufactured by Kerax, a leading UK wax refiner. 

It has a low melting point and sets up very quickly, making it an ideal wax for beginners. This wax has excellent cold and hot scent throw and is vey easy to work with.  In laboratory tests, this wax regularly comes out on top for hot scent throw.

The wax contracts, so will usually requires a second pour, but the results are worth it, especially in terms of scent throw.

Pour this wax at 50-60C and second pour at ~65-70C for best results.

Blended container wax is delivered as wax beads. As with most paraffin blends, the wick should be kept trimmed on finished candles to prevent smoking. This wax is very dense and requires a powerful wick to establish a full melt pool.

> Mineral Wax (Rapeseed & Paraffin Blend)

> Vegan

> Pellet Form

> Excellent Hot & Cold Throw

> Ideal for Beginners