Whax | New fragrance oils and solving the wax crisis

Whax | New fragrance oils and solving the wax crisis

The candle making industry has been a turbulent time as of late, all thanks to Covid.


No doubt, many of us have experienced similar turbulence in our own lives. Having that disruption bleed into the hobbies we enjoy was a step too far for us!


The industry is currently struggling with a drop in available supplies, lead times extending, and some manufacturers of the raw materials we rely on changing their policies and taking a different direction.


Well, we had to step in and do something to support you, your business and your craft, including offering support for those that may not buy from us too.


We're continuously looking to shine some light at the end of the frustrating tunnel and give hope to the many emerging brands and hobby makers. We have two exciting announcements that we hope will do just that.


First, we have fast-tracked our 2021 plans to roll out HUNDREDS of new & exciting fragrance oils!


By working closely with our industry friends and contacts from world-renowned supply chains, we're now able to offer professional-grade fragrances to the market, many of which are used in our existing contract manufacturing work for brands worldwide. Our fantastic community of candle enthusiasts and customers can get these right now here:


Whax's new fragrance oils


Secondly, like many others, we've been impacted by the poor performance and crazy situation with wax availability. Things have shifted and not for the better.


Fortunately for us, we work with several suppliers and have options available. BUT we couldn't leave our customers struggling to find the supplies they need.


So, we emphasised finding a solution and have put significant resources into an exciting project that can benefit us all.


We have now formulated our own blends of performance, parablend and natural waxes with performance enhancers and some innovative technology...


In short, your candles are going to be incredible!


Working with our partners, both in the UK and offshore, we have secured vast supplies of raw material, so no one is going to be left short or without. We've worked tirelessly to ensure that products are professional grade, providing you with what you need to make luxury, high-quality products yourself.


We're committed to supporting emerging brands, candle makers and hobby users. While the industry might be making some unfortunate decisions, we'll continue to be one of the few that puts their customers, clients and partners first.


The last thing we want to see is you closing up shop because you couldn't get your hands on raw materials.


Expect new and exciting wholesale products, including access to our resources and knowledge in the future. 2021 is shaping up to be a great year, and the future is looking bright.


We can't wait for you to join us in making this year the best. Big or small, conventional or daring, supporting businesses is something we remain committed to, and fair pricing will always remain our core value.


"Top quality at fair prices."

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